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Our Mission & Values

Since 1991, DJ Cabinets has been building a reputation in quality and excellence for our beautiful cabinet designs, attention to detail, and impeccable customer service in Stillwater, OK. We take your ideas and using our knowledge, expertise, and skill, we turn them into exquisite custom-made cabinets that lend themselves to functionality, durability, and beauty.

We set ourselves apart from the rest with our old-school approach to cabinet design, giving our clients an opportunity to step back into a time where creativity and a working relationship between the artisan and owner were not only tantamount but a pleasurable part of the cabinet design experience.

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Our Story


Founder and co-owner David Blose founded DJ Cabinets in 1991, starting the business as a DBA. With a 15-year background in construction, David found that interior woodwork had become something of an obsession to him. Over the next nine years, this obsession translated into a passion that allowed him to hone and fine-tune his craft. In 2000, David opened the 5,300-square-foot location. Just one year later, co-owner Tom Cotton came on board with a background in machine tooling and residential construction, bringing even more quality and precision to the artisan cabinetry company.


DJ Cabinets LLC provides cabinets and some furniture with both artistry and precision. We work with a team of trustworthy, responsible, and friendly staff members who are committed to DJ Cabinet’s mission: to design quality, functional, and exquisite custom pieces for our clients. We offer a classic design variety, specializing in periodic furniture designs with variations. And because each piece is a reflection of who we are, we strive to make sure every cabinet or furniture item completed is a work of art. Upon completion, the craftsmen who painstakingly work each detail out at their work tables sign and date the work, ensuring quality and uniqueness.

Clients We Work With

DJ Cabinets is proud to serve a number of communities across Oklahoma, including Stillwater, Perry, Cushing, Tulsa, Edmond, and Oklahoma City. We have done work for a number of establishments and residents, including Joseppi’s, United Rentals, The Wondertorium, Farmhouse Fraternity, Alpha Omicron Pi Sorority, and many more. We work with both residential and commercial clients and are committed to bringing your creative dreams to fruition.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of cabinets do you specialize in?

We specialize in custom designed cabinets. Every cabinet is individually crafted to fit the individual’s style and space.

What materials do you use for your cabinets?

We only use high quality materials with plywood interiors and hardwood faces.  We never use particle board, flakeboard, fiberboard, or particle board covered in vinyl paper.

What is the typical turnaround time for custom cabinet orders?

It can vary. There are multiple factors that affect our turnaround time including the size of the job and current workload.

Do you offer installation services, or is that something we need to arrange separately?

We provide start-to-finish services, including design, fabrication, finish, and installation of each and every custom cabinet.

Can you match existing cabinets if we’re looking to expand or replace some cabinets in our space?

Not only will the color or stain match, but every detail of your current cabinetry will be matched.

Do you provide warranties for your cabinets?

Although our cabinets are made to last a lifetime, we offer a standard 1-year warranty.

Can you provide references or examples of your past work?

 We can provide references and examples of past work at your request!

How do you handle design revisions during the design process?

At DJ Cabinets, our clients matter to us and it is our goal that every cabinet is a reflection of your taste and preference.  If a revision needs to be made we will work with you to bring your creative dreams to fruition.

What is the process of getting a quote for custom cabinets?

On your initial contact with our office, we ask that you provide a
sketch of your floor plan including rough measurements, photos of your current space, what style of cabinetry you would like, and, if possible, photos of what you are hoping to achieve.  Once we receive this information we can create an estimate.  If accepted, we will visit the site and then provide you with a shop drawing. This means that there are no surprises upon completion. Any price change that transpires will be a direct result of a change in the approved drawings and the cost variation will be disclosed and mutually agreed upon before continuing the project.

If you’re interested in receiving a custom-designed
cabinet or furniture piece from DJ Cabinets, contact us today.
We look forward to helping you bring your ideas to life!